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Paige is the best This is my second time coming to Paige for lymphatic massages after surgery. She is very talented and knowledgeable in what she does. Always professional and courteous. I won't go anywhere else.
The only place to get a message Paige is not only gives the best messages, she truly cares about you and your health. My first encounter with Paige demonstrates the remarkable person she is. I need a lympatic message and the place I had scheduled with 30 days in advance did not make the appointment with the person who could perform this specialized message. I was frantic and frustrated because I needed it for surgery. I called the office number, and Paige answered. I explained my situation and she met me on her day off! How furnate for me! I will not go to anyone else.
Amazing hands Paige is simply the best in the business from my soccer related recoveries to my wife's prenatal massages. She is truly an Austin jewel we stole from the west coast.
First post-natal massage Today was my first massage since having my baby nine weeks ago. Paige did a phenomenal job relaxing my muscles and easing the tension of new motherhood. I left her table feeling like a wet noodle and it was wonderful! Paige is always so attentive during the pre-massage consultation and works magic during our sessions. I have recommended Paige and Prevana Wellness to friends and family and am already looking forward to my next massage with her.
judy w
best ever! I started using Paige at Prevana Wellness, from a Groupon. I am now a repeat client and will be from now on. She is very attentive, cares about your health and what is going on in your life that is affecting your health. Her lymphatic massage has made a world of difference in my over all health and well being. Now I am going to her to help heal faster from ankle and knee surgery. I can't say enough good about her as a therapist and as a lovely human being!
Mike D.
Fantastic massage I bought a massage from a silent auction so didn't really have many expectations. I left the massage as relaxed as I've ever been! It was phenomenal.
Great Experience This was my first visit to Prevana and I was very pleased with my experience. I'll definitely come back!!
Cesar Uriel Hernandez
Amazing Treatment My first experience at Prevana was really amazing. Paige is professional, friendly, patient and really knows her craft. She was very understanding of my needs and made me feel really comfortable. Not only is Paige a great masseuse but she also promotes preventative care and has an extensive knowledge of healthy eating and living. It was the complete package and just what I needed when I'm feeling like I'm not at my healthiest stage of my life. She really inspired me to get healthy. I would highly recommend for anyone to get a massage from her. Now my wife, family and friends know about her through my recommendation. Thank you Paige for a great experience. I will continue to get her services.
Austin Paige was very attentive and professional. An excellent massage!
Another amazing massage! After receiving lymphatic massages last month, I was ready for a Swedish massage this month. True to form, Paige did not disappoint. It was a relaxing, restful, and healing massage. She skillfully tackled the congested areas with just the right pressure and gentleness. From the geranium massage oil to the wonderful care Paige takes with you, I left feeling ready to take in and take on the world in a little more balanced way!
Great lymphatic massage! This was my first lymphatic massage so I didn't really know what to expect but Paige was wonderful, walked me through what she would be doing, and then gave me a massage that was full of care and skill. Paige takes a sincere interest in your overall well-being which is a real treat!
Paige puts me in a happy place! I have been to about 50 different massage therapists, and Paige is the best ever. She is gifted and intuitive in her approach, and I look forward to each and every appointment. She has become a very important element to my personal health and wellness. Thank you, Paige!
Wonderful experience! Paige is a wonderful massage therapist and also very kind and intuitive. She is generous with her talents and her knowledge and it is obvious that she is eager to and passionate about helping others achieve their best health! A very happy find here in Austin!
Donna Bryant
Wonderful!!! Paige is very knowledgable in her field. She provided me with Lymphatic Drainage Massage after surgery. She was very gentle and the massage was fantastic and truly helped my healing tremendously. I highly recommend Paige for any massage service or wellness coaching you may need.
Lymphatic massage I'd recommend Paige to anyone!
Anne T
calm and comfortable massage that gets right to business The thing I like best about Paige is how well she listens- even changing the type of massage I wanted to the type that I actually needed. She is very empathic as she works as well- listening to the body's story. She is the most comfortable massage therapist that I have ever worked with - I have never felt unsure, anxious or awkward- even from the very first visit. Finally, the lasting relief I have felt each time will keep me coming back again and again.
Hamilton Radiance
Feedback I appreciate all the time you took to explain things, some of which I did not know. The session was great, and I experienced some sensations that I had not felt before. My physical concern has not yet resolved yet, and this seems like one step in the right direction.
Angela Wicker-Ramos DPT, CLT LANA
Superb massage therapist Paige has been my massage therapist for over 3 years now. I am a physical therapist who is very particular about the massages I receive. In a practitioner providing me with a massage I expect an extensive knowledge of anatomy, a sensitivity to touch and pressure as it relates to human tissue, compassion, kindness, and an intuition during treatment sessions. I searched for a long time to find someone like Paige. She understands which areas to work on, and seems to be led to the areas of greatest tension without my needing to say a word. I trust and value her care so much that I refer many of my patients in my physical therapy practice to her. I know that if they need bodywork, Paige will provide them with outstanding care. She helps not only myself but also the patients I care for with healing hands and a healing heart. I cannot recommend her services enough. She is an exceptional massage therapist.
Laura Munoz
Wonderful Therapist! Paige is a thoughtful, intuitive and intelligent therapist who took the time to listen to my laundry list of health issues and modified my session as needed to accommodate new needs. I appreciate the kind care she gave me throughout and I look forward to seeing her regularly.
Joanna Martinez
Massage Therapist I have been a client of Paige's for 2 years now and seeing her once a month has made such a huge difference on my physical as well as my mental state. She has always been very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a great massage therapist.